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Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Success is available to us all if we want it badly enough and we are determined to do our best to achieve it, to do our best to believe it.

 Our thoughts are transmitted into the Universe through our subconscious mind, every thought and every wish is sent out to the Universe. 

When our subconscious mind has been informed, it will repeatedly send out this information because our subconscious actually believes that this is what he already is, or this is what he is destined to become now. And this is fact!

 When we have told the subconscious (and made it believe) that we already are rich, or that we already drive a BMW, even that we already own that beautiful house, the subconscious will transmit this information into the Universe - the Collective Consciousness and the Universe will return these things to you based on the already proven law of attraction. 

 Many other things can be achieved this way, if we repeatedly tell the subconscious (and believe) that we are thin and beautiful, loved and adored then the subconscious will itself believe this and transform your look and love until it suits what it believes to be true.

Friday, 26 April 2013

The Conscious Mind

The conscious mind only represents a mere 12% of the total mind's capacity, and can only be concerned with, or hold one single thought at a time.  To some extent it has control over our nervous system, and is responsible for the voluntary actions of our muscles.

The conscious mind is mainly active when we are awake and is responsible for our decision making processes, or rationalisation and analysis.  It decides what action we will take, often based upon past subconscious experiences, and constantly re-assesses a situation to ensure that the correct action has been taken.

The conscious mind has no memory capacity, and therefore only deals with the 'here and now' situation.
When we go into a trance, whether induced as part of hypnosis, or as a natural process, our conscious mind is not really needed and becomes dormant.  It operates in a similar way to an auto-pilot on an aircraft - should anything happen that requires the conscious mind to reawaken, it will do so immediately

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

All Power To Create Is Within Each And Everyone Of Us. Your Thoughts Create Your Reality.

Your Life As It Is Now Is A Direct Reflection On Your Life Inside.

Change Your Thoughts And You Will Change Your Life

You have the ability and given right to manifest and bring your dreams to life